About Batch Brownies

Have you ever had something that was just too good to keep to yourself? Many years ago I had such an experience, and it led to the creation of Batch Brownies. About ten years ago my friend Pam, a professional caterer and baker, made some brownies for me. I didn’t even like brownies—before I tried hers. They were miraculous. At first bite, I knew they should be shared with the world.

Some time later, Pam taught me how to make the brownies, and my quest for world conversion began. Since then, my wife Stephanie and I have created several unique flavors—banana, lemon poppyseed, cinnamon spice—all based on Pam’s beautifully simple recipe.

Of course, every brownie is made strictly from scratch, using only fresh, fine ingredients such as Nielsen-Massey Madagascar bourbon vanilla and India Tree dark Muscovado sugar.

People usually respond to simple, timeless things, so their response to the brownies is welcome but not surprising.  No less than world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey (of the Fox shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares) has called them “delicious.”

Don’t take anyone else’s word for it, though. Try them yourself. Chances are, you’ll have an experience you’ll want to share with the world.

Steve Dones

Steve Dones
Batch Brownies